Old Medley 12 Year Review


Brand: Old Medley 12 Years Old KSBW
Distiller: Charles Medley Distillery
Proof: 86.8
Age: 12 years

Label Notes:

  • Sour Mash
  • After prohibition ended in 1933, my grandfather, 5th generation bourbon distiller Thomas Aquinas Medley, began production of a new brand of bourbon… a brand he called Old Medley. Though Thomas Acquinas Medley died in 1940, the brand he created – Old Medley – survived for several decades before ceasing distribution a few decades ago. Today, my son Samuel Wathen Medley and I are proud to honor the legacy of Old Medley with this limited release, 12 year old Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. As my grandfather may have said, “this bourbon is without flaw”. – Charles Medley, Master Distiller
  • Drink a little history tonight
  • Bottled by Charles Medley Distillery
  • Distilled in Kentucky


Color: Quite light for 12 years – light amber or dark wheat

Nose: Starts off as peanut butter, oak, bubble gum, but evolves significantly over time such that the peanut butter is replaced by dark toasted bread and sweet caramel.

Palate: Thick, oily mouthfeel that surprises me given the low proof. Oak dominates but it’s a well rounded oak that is tamed by sweet caramel.

Finish: Again I’m surprised by the long finish given the low proof. Typical bourbon notes here, no special surprises but completely enjoyable. The oak dissipates and the finish is dominated by caramel and vanilla.


I’m very much enjoying this bottle. When I first opened it I didn’t think I was going to like it – but the more I revisited, the more I enjoyed each pour. It’s not a great bottle, but it’s good.

Again a bottle that doesn’t disclose where it was actually distilled – but this is an older bottle so par for the course there.

Michael Veach had a nice post about the history of the Medley family, which is a great read, worth your time if you’re a bourbon fan in my opinion.

Rating: 7

Rating Overview:
1: Gross I can’t even drink this crap.
2: Poor I would force this down in good company
3: Bad I wouldn’t have to force it down, but it’s not good either.
4: Not Bad But still not good.
5: Just OK Average.
6: Good Above average, but not special.
7: Very Good Well above average.
8: Excellent This is a favorite of mine for sure.
9. Amazing I would bathe in this if I could afford to.
10. Life Altering Nothing could be better than this.

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