Worthy Park Single Estate Review Rum Review

Worth Park Single Estate Reserve Jamaica Rum


Brand: Worth Park Single Estate Reserve
Distiller: Worthy Park
Proof: 90

Label Notes:

  • Estate distilled, aged, blended, & bottled
  • Pot-still distilled
  • Established in 1670, the Worthy Park Estate is a true Single Estate product. Thousands of acres of sugar cane are the source for the molasses used during distillation in our 100% copper pot-still. An authentic, traditional Jamaican rum aged in once-used American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels between 6-10 years, this authentic Jamaican rum showcases the unique complexity and distinctive taste of Worthy Park rums.


Color: Dark wheat

Nose: Very pronounced nose of tropical flowers, tropical fruit, petroleum, graham crackers, banana, coconut.

Palate: slightly oily mouthfeel, a nice initial pop of spicy black pepper mellows quickly into caramel, oak, and char.

Finish: The sweeter notes really come out in the finish, especially the tropical fruit, vanilla, some orangey citrus, a touch of milk chocolate and sweet caramel. This finish goes on and on and on.


This bottle is a pleasure from the moment you uncork it, when the aromas immediately burst out of the bottle. It’s a wonderfully complex easy sipper that has a little bit of everything.

Rating: 8

Rating Overview:
1: Gross I can’t even drink this crap.
2: Poor I would force this down in good company
3: Bad I wouldn’t have to force it down, but it’s not good either.
4: Not Bad But still not good.
5: Just OK Average.
6: Good Above average, but not special.
7: Very Good Well above average.
8: Excellent This is a favorite of mine for sure.
9. Amazing I would bathe in this if I could afford to.
10. Life Altering Nothing could be better than this.

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