Privateer Distiller’s Drawer – The Queen’s Share

Brand: Distiller’s Drawer – The Queen’s Share 5 Year Rum, Release #100.
Distiller: Privateer
Proof: 131.6
Age: 5 years

Label Notes:

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Color: Dark Amber

Nose: Pronounced nose of brown sugar and caramel, pencil shavings, new rubber, cedar, banana cream pie, toasted coconut.

Palate: Very thick oily mouthfeel. Sweet and spicy at first, then the sweetness fades and it rounds out into butter, deep dark caramel and dark brown sugar, more pencil shaving-like wood flavor. It tastes about like you’d expect from the nose.

Finish: Very long finish. The big spiciness fades to a warm burnt caramel. The pencil shavings come back with candied pecans and dark brown sugar and then oak. Slightly astringent at the end.

Overall: Delicious. I got the same pencil shavings note on the regular (non Distiller’s Drawer) release of The Queen’s Share rum. I mentioned this to a friend after he’d tried a sample I brought him – he was getting that note as rubber rather than pencil shavings. Going back I can totally see both. So interesting to me! I find it interesting to compare these notes with those of the regular release. I should do them blind to re-inforce, but I’m clearly getting a lot more interesting flavors on this Distiller’s Drawer release which is to be expected.

The Distiller’s Drawer series are distiller favorite releases. Maggie Campbell said she thinks this one, release number 100, might be the highest proof (131.6) they’ve ever released. This is one of 174 bottles. Wondering where you might find one? I’ve seen them in the past at Sarasota Liquor Locker and at Seelbachs, and of course they can be found at the distillery in Ipswich, Maine.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best things about Privateer spirits is that they have no added sugars or flavorings. They are producing excellent nuanced rums without loading them up with crap to cover up the flaws. Unfortunately when we walk around a liquor store in the United States, most of what we find is loaded with these undesirable additives. Some people don’t care – but I do.

We all know what the angel’s share is, right? But what is the queen’s share? According to the Privateer website (emphasis is mine):

Queen’s Share rum was known to be the best barrels in a distillery & reserved for royalties special occasions. It takes meticulous distilling, additional cut collection, re-distillation, & extended aging to fulfill it’s promise of dense flavor & plush texture. Sadly it became a victim of bottom lines & large volume manufacturing. We take great pride in being a part of this traditional rum’s revival.

Privateer’s Queen’s Share rum is made from the richest cuts of our rum distillation. In every distillation there are traditionally three main cuts. The “heads”, harsh alcohols unwanted in your final spirit cut, come off of the still first. The “hearts” follow; this is the flavorful rum that is collected and bottled as Privateer Silver Reserve & Privateer Amber. Lastly, the “tails” cut is made to separate the hearts from the bitter alcohols at the end of the still run.

However, as the hearts run is approaching the tails cut, the spirit becomes more powerful and flavorful. Even once these tails have overpowered the hearts and we’ve made our cut, some of these rich hearts are still intertwined with the bitter tails. At this stage, our distillers collect a fourth cut- a blend of rich hearts mixed with tails otherwise known as the “seconds”. These small amounts are collected over many runs and redistilled together, liberating the hearts. This creates a single batch, single barrel expression of Queen’s Share rum. We have been distilling and aging Queen’s Share for four years and are happy to say she is finally ready to meet you.

Rating: 8

Rating Overview:
1: Gross I can’t even drink this crap.
2: Poor I would force this down in good company
3: Bad I wouldn’t have to force it down, but it’s not good either.
4: Not Bad But still not good.
5: Just OK Average.
6: Good Above average, but not special.
7: Very Good Well above average.
8: Excellent This is a favorite of mine for sure.
9. Amazing I would bathe in this if I could afford to.
10. Life Altering Nothing could be better than this.

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